Smashing Color

with Maggie Maggio

Announcing “Aurora”


Congratulations to Georgana Gersabeck of Berkley, Michigan who proposed the name “Aurora” for Elise Winters’ new colorway. When she saw Elise’s bead strands she said, “I immediately felt I was looking at the Northern lights.”


Elise sent this me this message on Sunday:

” Your deadline has passed and I checked in to gather the last minute submissions. There were so many great suggestions. And I was very impressed with the depth of thought that people put into their submissions.  I loved the Wikepedia research, the poetry and the humor (extra-orchid- ary).  It was hard to make a choice.  There were quite a few contenters – Fiesta & Calypso capture energy, Sorbet, mango, saffron, melonberry played to my love of luscious juicy FOOD!  

But the final choice was (…drum roll…)  Aurora.
When I submitted my list of finalists to Woody, he didn’t skip a beat before declaring Aurora as his choice.  And then he made an indisputable case for it.  (Leave it to the poets)  He felt Aurora connected with nature and light – both of which are central influences in my work.  Also, the seduction of shifting light/color is an element for which I strive. 

 So many thanks to Geo for finding the perfect solution to my naming problem.

I add my thanks to everyone who participated in the “Name That Colorway” Challenge. The names were all very evocative – I could visualize the beautiful inspirations behind each one. It was fun to see the many different ways you can interpret one set of colors.


  1. Ahhh, amazing comparison with the photo and your blends. Elise, your work is energizing to say the least. You’ve created a “collision of charged particles” with this one! You’re an inspiration to us all!

    And thanks to you too, Maggie for sharing your knowledge and smashing color for us!

    I’m truly honored…dancing in the light across the sky!


  2. Of course!
    *does a head slap*
    What a perfect name, bravo Georgana!

    And what fun to see so many wonderful ideas… I, of course, was caught in a non verbal moment (that lasted for days – Lol!), and could only enjoy what others submitted. 😉

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