Color Exploration

Smashing Color intentionally 'smashes' traditional color theories and builds a new foundation for exploring color  from a 21st century perspective.

Color Education

Smashing Color features state-of-the-art, interactive, exercises for learning about color basics across the disciplines of science, the humanities, and art and design.

Color Inspiration

Smashing Color builds awareness of the vital role color plays in our lives and encourages participants to find inspiration in the colors all around us.

Color Creation

Smashing Color expands the impact of color in your personal and professional practice.

Visualize and describe color in three dimensions.

Create work that is "Smashing!" by switching from a 2D color wheel to a 3D color model.  Smashing Color Workshops for artists and designers are based on thirty years of teaching students to see and describe color attributes in a variety of color order systems.

Learn to  use color in all media.

With the increasing use of computers, LEDs and digital technologies, it's time to connect the light based and pigment based color systems into one integrated 21st century color system.  With some simple instruction and a bit of practice, it's easy to learn how to use color effectively in both digital and traditional media.

Hands-On Interactive Workshops

PPPIII classroom

Smashing Color Workshop in the Cotswolds

"I took Maggie’s very FIRST color class 30 years ago and have been learning more and more about color from her ever since.
Her work on color is brilliant, revolutionary and downright fun."

Judith Kuskin, Mixed Media Artist, Seattle, WA

That's Smashing Color!