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Laura Liska’s Gorgeous Colors

laura6.jpgI’m here in Tucson helping Laura Liska at the Whole Bead Show. The room is filled with her color coordinated collections of bead mixes, fiber bundles and fabric squares all beautifully displayed in baskets on tables covered in hand-dyed cloths. I can’t tell you how many times people walk in and say, “Ooooh, these colors are just so gorgeous!”

Laura is the best colorist I know. Yes, she has studied color theory. But there is more to creating gorgeous colors than just doing color exercises. Laura also has a deep, intuitive understanding of color that flows from her soul as amazingly beautiful color combinations. I am in awe of her color sense.laura7.jpg

We have spent many, many hours over the years talking about color, and about our personal explorations of color. We share observations from books we are reading, from classes we have taught, and from nature. Though we share a passion for color, we are not on the same path. She often kids me about being so “intellectual”  because she explores color from a different place – a place of emotional connection.

laura41.jpgThe names of her colorways give hints to some of these connections: Chalcedony, Summer’s End, Whisper, Blue Moon, Rain, Green Tea, Allure, Matsutake, Lotus, Petal, Incense, Mango Season, Caribbean, Foilage, Bella Rosa.

I learn so much from being here every year, surrounded by “gorgeous” colors and digging into the mysteries of color with Laura.  laura8.jpgI go home with the reminder that if I set aside thinking about color for awhile and focus on feeling it, my relationship with color changes – and I return to the studio energized by a sense of wonder and gratefulness for the beauty of the world.

PS There is no way my photos can show the subtleness of Laura’s colorways. They really do need to be seen to be appreciated.


  1. Hello Laura,

    I am also exploring liquid resin that can also be used with Polymer to do unusual things and casting polymer using rubber molds. Wonderful material polymer . Love your beautiful and dynamic colours. Best wishes in all your creative work, Laura.

  2. Wow and wonderful colours Laura. Totally impressed by your work in this creative sphere. I am also using polymer clay as part of the jewellery design in my own work jewellery silversmithing. Best wishes after all these years flown by


  3. I have always been drawn to Laura’s work. I am pea green with envy that you spend time with her discussing color! What a joy for you both!

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