Smashing Color

with Maggie Maggio

Color Inspirations: Saturday School Blog Posts

Polymer Clay Color Inspirations came out in August of 2009 and in September I started a “Saturday School” with blog entries about doing the exercises in the book. These are copies of those entries.

Supplies (p.10)

Testing Colors (p.31)

Value Sorting (p.32)

Mixing Pivot Tiles (p.34)

Pivot Beads (p.36)

Color Inspiration Collage (p.44)

Value Contrast (p.48)

Tasting Tiles (p.56)

Using Tasting Tiles (p.59)

Instinctive Mixing (p.60)

Pinched Petal Necklace (p.62)

Color Scales and Documenting Mixes (p.70)

Contrast Swirls (p.80)

Contrast Tables (p.84)

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