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Pasta Machine Standards Version 3.0

Here’s my latest draft of a chart based on input from many sources. The standard sheet thicknesses are now only in millimeters, plus I added a column for the size of the sheet (in mm and inches) that you will get from a regular sized block of clay at the THIN, MEDIUM and THICK sizes.

Look for a guest post from Sage Bray and myself coming soon on Polymer Clay Daily. We will include a short survey to collect data on as many pasta machines as we can. It may take some time but we will have standards soon! In the meantime please keep the comments, suggestions and emails coming.

PDF Version Pasta Machine Standards – Version 3.0


  1. Maggie Maggio

    February 13, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks for catching that! I have two versions that I’m working on – this one running from thin to thick (3.0) and another one running from thick to thin (4.0). I just posted the other version. Its easier for me to read. since my #1 setting is my thickest setting it feels better to start with the thickest and run down to the thinnest.

  2. I believe that the very last column should say “extra thick”, not “extra thin” since 3mm is thicker than 2.5mm.

  3. Looking good! Small typo though for you last row 3mm is the extra THICK. Some day I’ll get some more time with my pasta machine

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