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Playing with Color Scales

I’ve been busy working on the planning for the National Polymer Clay Guild Conference next February. The Request for Proposals deadline was last Tuesday and we have over 100 proposals to review! In the middle of all this Joey and I did manage to get one of the two videos we are working on ready for launch. Once he is done with school in June we will tackle the editing of the third video.

Exercise Handouts: Color Scales, Color Zones Triangle


  1. admin

    September 11, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Hi Laura – I am just back to blogging after teaching all summer. I am so glad you took the time to tell me how much mixing you have done. Bravo!!! I hope you now find that mixing colors is lots easier. Maggie

  2. Hi Maggie- I love your web site and videos. I heard you Lindly are coming out with a book!! Wonderful. I struggled with color during this last year (my first).I poured over everything I could find in previous books (lots of your ideas!) and made my color wheel of beads based on your theory. I think it was Nan Roche book? Anyway, I carefully devised my cookie cutter measuing system and recorded my results and leared alot about strong and weak colors! I have a thick mass of bead strands strung by color on beading wire, crimped and hung on a big ring. I think I am up to over 400 by now. Thanks for all your early groundwork. It made my self discovery journey seem a bit less lonely. I am gladd you have this marvelous web site. I love it.

  3. Hi Maggie
    Thank you and Joey so much for alle those great videos! I have been playing with color scales quite a bit lately and can’t wait to mix the “triangles”!
    I’m looking forward to the workshop in Stresa this summer!

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