paintedcat.jpgPainted Cats is the subject line of one of those constantly circulating emails making the rounds of cyber space. My cousin forwarded this one to me. He was very upset about the cruel anesthetizing of these poor cats as they got their $15,000 paint jobs.

That sounded fishy to me so I checked and sure enough its another spoof by Burton Silver and Heather Busch, the same folks who created the laugh out loud books “Why Cats Paint” and “Why Cats Dance.” Personally, I love the tartan cat.

paintedcat2.jpgPainted Hands is another one of those “Have you seen this?” emails that is bouncing around. A good friend sent me this one and I will probably send it to my cousin. In this case though, the paint is real and the body paintings of Italian artist Guido Daniele are truly amazing.

Painting cats to look like fish. Painting hands to look like cats. Just thought they should be together.