Smashing Color

with Maggie Maggio

Color Study Materials List

clays.jpgWhether you are a painter, dyer or polymer artist, I believe polymer clay is the best material for beginning color exercises because it is measurable, easy to use, not messy, not expensive and lets you mix colors right in your hand.

There are now many brands to choose from. I am most familiar with Premo brand though I have done the exercises in all the clays. For the first round of color studies starting in January, you will need one two ounce block of white and one two ounce block in each of the colors listed for your preferred brand of clay.

Part 1

Pasta Machine (dedicated to clay)

Kemper Cutter – 3/4″ square (or similar size of circle cutter)

Blade – your choice

Fine Sharpie Marker

Polymer Clays:

Fimo Classic – Red 2, Magenta 21, Yellow 1, Golden Yellow 15, Turquoise 32, Blue 37

Premo – Cad Red 5382, Fuchsia 5504, Cad Yellow 5572, Zinc Yellow 5077, Turquoise 5505, Cobalt 5063

Kato – Magenta, Red, Yellow, Turquoise, Ultra Blue


Part 2 Equilateral Prism -best source is PhysLink

1/4″ Kemper Circle Cutter

Polymer Clays:

Fimo Classic – Green 5, Orange 4, Violet 6, Ultramarine Blue 33, Bordeaux 23, Terra Cotta 77

Premo – Sea Green 5305, Purple 5513, Orange 5033, Ultramarine Blue 5562, Alizarin Crimson 5383, Burnt Umber 5053

Kato – Orange, Green, Brown


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog on color …. am I too late to join the tutorials and catch up? Or will you be doing this all again in the next few months and maybe I should wait to join in then???

    I will also have to order in some more clay as I don’t have a couple of those colors and will have a delay getting them from the US to Australia.

    So am concerned that I will be way behind everyone else and sending myself crazy trying to catch up or is this a do at your own pace type thing?

    Thanks for the great blog and tutorials on color.

    Regards Charlotte


    Charlotte – It would probably make more sense if you start at the beginning but feel free to jump in anytime. You can go back and just read the info to catch up if you want. Don’t make yourself crazy just have fun with it. I’m hoping to repeat, and change, the tutorials at some point but I’m not sure when.

  2. Thanks for the class list. Michael’s has a .99 sale through tomorrow (Saturday).


  3. Oh, good, clay! My husband saw my box of crayons in front of my computer and couldn’t stop laughing. He thinks I am regressing! Trina

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