Dragontail Bracelet: 50 Shades of Green
Polymer Workshop

Project: Bracelet.
Level: Intermediate polymer clay experience required.

Imagine a bright lime green. Can you picture it? Now imagine a deep, dark forest green. Do they feel different? How? Why?

This one day workshop is the latest  add-on to the Smashing Color Globetrotter workshop.  It is designed for polymer artist interested in exploring “color nuance” – the subtle differences you can make in your color choices that will help you harmonize your colors and set the tone for what you are saying in a piece of art.

Part One: Swatch Book of Greens

The largest family of color are the greens. There are yellow greens, blue greens, light greens, dark greens, bright greens and dull greens. Which are your favorites?

Start your exploration of color nuance by making a collection of polymer swatches in 50 shades of green using Maggie’s signature ColorWash technique.  After playing with combining different color flows you will be able to mix just the right colors to use on your customized bracelet.

Part Two: Making a Bracelet
MaggioVertebracelet1Maggie will guide you through the process of making a Dragontail bracelet using your personalized selection of colors based on your favorite nuance from Part One.

While the bracelets are curing, Maggie will demonstrate variations of the Dragontail design, including the ‘slinky” bracelet and show samples of the many different ways you can use the pinched polymer technique.

Everyone has a unique and instinctive sense of color.  When you combine your personal sense of color with your preferences for contrast and compositions you create a distinctive color voice. Have fun tapping into your color instincts as you play with color nuances.

Kit Fee : $10 kit fee includes handouts and group supplies.

Materials to Bring: Pasta machine, work surface, pin tool, make-up brush and blade.  If possible, the polymer will be donated. If not, polymer will be ordered for the class and $20 will be added to the kit fee.

Class Length: One Day.  Seven hours of instruction.

Instructor Fee: $100/student plus travel and lodging. Home stay is fine.  Note that total cost per student is dependent on site expenses and is determined by the hosting organization.

Contact Maggie for group/guild pricing.

Class Size: Minimum – 8 students. Maximum – 24 students.

Classroom Requirements: Demo table and chair. Dedicated convection ovens (one oven/8 students), whiteboard or flip chart with markers.  Additional chair for each student at demo table if possible.