Smashing Color

with Maggie Maggio


Split Ring Handout

Split Ring Worksheet3

Video Handouts

Polymer Scales Worksheet

Worksheet for Making a Color Triangle from Color Scales

Flow Triangle with Premo Polymer Clay Package Colors

Instinctive Triangle with Premo Color Scales

Zones in the Triangle Diagram

Smashing Color Tutorial Handouts

Smashing Color 1:  Three Color Wheels (Crayon Exercise)

Smashing Color 2 : Saturation Sorting (Crayon Exercise)

Smashing Color 3: Color Triangle (Crayon Exercise)

Smashing Color 4 (premo/kato) Test Mixing Secondaries (Polymer Exercise)

Smashing Color #5  Complementaries 5 (Polymer Exercise)

Smashing Color 5 (triangle) Sorting the Text Mixes (Polymer Exercise)

Exploring Complementaries 6 ( 1 2 3)

Smashing Color Name Game

Poem Bracelet Handouts

Poem Bracelets – Templates

Poem Bracelets – Palette




  1. Hi Maggie. I bought your and Lindly’s book about color inspiration and still I can’t get enough of information about colors and color mixing. I’m amazed at all the work and effort you put in your website, explaining people how to use colors…like if the book was not enough!!!! You really are amazing at sharing all this info….by the way…I still read your book in bed at night…..that’s how much I like it 🙂

  2. Thank you for your help in educating me about colors and mixing them. I just start with polymer clay.


  3. Muchísimas gracias, por las explicaciones. Me vienen muy bien, para obtener los colores deseados y muchas veces, no logrados. Gracias por ayudar.
    Su web es muy interesante y bonita, felicitaciones.
    Un cordial saludo desde España.