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Color Collage: The Perfect Palette

Color collaging is one of my most important studio tools.  I use it in all my workshops as a way for students to get in touch with color combinations that resonate for them.  Along those lines,  I want to share with you the wedding planning blog, The Perfect Palette.

Chrissy started planning her own wedding by collaging color inspiration boards with photos from wedding websites and now has her own very popular website dedicated to color for weddings.

You don’t need to be planning a wedding to be inspired by all the gorgeous color combinations. Be sure to check out the Palette Library and also play with the Colors tab – you can pick one of over 50 colors and see a collection of all the palettes that use that color.

I was at an amazing wedding this weekend. They had the most stunning chartreuse orchids in the corsages. While researching, I found a fun site for wedding planning that allows you to pick your flowers by color.

Fifty Flowers shows close-ups of a full range of flowers for corsages and bouquets. I could make a collage just using their images!

We will be doing lots of collages at the Color Retreat next week.  You can join us by making your own collages at home. Last year, I made a 5 minute video on color collaging for Saturday School- go to the bottom of that post. It was shot in my old basement studio so its a little dark. Be sure to tip your screen forward to watch it.

If you have some time next week, find a bunch of old magazines and give color collaging a try.  Then send me scans of your favorites to add to my collection. I am thinking about posting collages on a regular basis and maybe I will feature yours down the road.

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  1. When I moved to California in the 70s, my first job was in the math dept. at Berkeley. I hate math and the office was totally colorless so I collaged the wall above my desk with the beautiful postcards that are available almost everywhere in that art-obsessed city. I still have them and I still love the color palette that they represent! I love this method– thanks for reminding us of another source for inspiration for our work.

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