Maggie Maggio

Exploring Color in the 21st Century

Curiosity, Appreciation, Imagination

What is it about color that I find so fascinating?

Maybe its the wonder of it all; the amazing colors of the natural world and the equally amazing fact that anyone can pick up color and play with it in a creative way.

Maybe its the complexity of it all; the interconnection of so many various fields that interest me – architecture and interior design, art and craft, science and history, psychology and anthropology.

Maybe its that I am so much more a visual person than an audio person and color is my music.

I don’t really need to know why I am drawn to color, my guess is that its all about seeing with awareness. I recently watched this short Intel Visual Life video featuring iconic logo designer Michael Wolff and almost every line rang true. It starts with curiosity and ends with imagination.



  1. Maggie Maggio

    September 7, 2011 at 10:46 am

    You are very welcome. I had loads of fun watching – especially the cellist.

  2. Thank you Maggie for introducing me to Intel Visual Life!

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