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Blue in the Face Matching Game

I read recently that our different races are all the colors of the earth – the dirt, the soil, the clay, the sand.  Since there is no blue earth, characters with blue skin seem unnatural and other worldly. Here’s a fun matching game on blue skinned  folks  seen in shows, movies, TV, artwork, and comic books.  Note that I drew the line at humanoids. No Cookie Monster or Blue dogs.  (You can tell that we watch lots of science fiction in this house! ) Match the photos to the list below and then let me know if I missed your favorite blue face, real or imaginary.


blue5-admiralthrawn-copyTERMINATOR 3 PREMIEREblue-7-blue-men-of-sahara-tuareg-copy2blue8-andy-warhol-1967_edited-2


blue13william-wallace-braveheart_edited-1 blue14-smurfette_edited-12blue-15-beastblue-16-aelo1


A.   Andy Warhol, 1967 self-portrait

B.   Beast, from X-Men 3

C.  Aayla  Secura, from Star Wars 2

D.  Aelo, international performer

E.  William Wallace, from Braveheart

F.  Smurfette, the only female smurf

G.   Taureg tribesman, from the Blue Men of the Sahara

H.  Commander Shran, Andorian from Star Trek

I.   Blue Lady, Picasso

J.   Grand Admiral Thrawn, from the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy

K.  Obama, poster by Shephard Fairey

L.  Blue Man, international performer

M. V’Sal, Bolian barber on Star Trek

N.  Lord Krishna, Hindu God

O.  Mystique, from X-Men I

P.  Fred Walters, sideshow star

Q.  Blue Meanie, from Beatles Yellow Submarine

R.  The Amazing Bobinski, from Coraline

S.   Pa’u Zotah Zhaan, from Farscape

T.    Dr. Manhattan, from Watchmen

U.  Violet Beauregard, from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


  1. admin

    September 19, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Yes! Thank you. Not sure how I missed her. The Fifth Element is one of my daughter’s favorite movies – she loves Chris Tucker in just about anything.

  2. Diva Plavalaguna, from the movie “The 5th Element”

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