tri.jpgJoey and I spent some time tonight posting the third video, Smashing Color Triangles. Then I remembered I need to give you the links for the handouts. Here they are:

The video ends with a suggestion to use the triangle to practice mixing colors instinctively – without using just three primaries or depending on formulas.

Yes, three primary mixing is a good way to learn where colors live, but you don’t have to be limited to only “red”, “yellow” and a “blue.”

I labeled the Instinctive Triangle with some Premo package colors. Play with shifting some of these different package colors by thinking of the triangle as a mixing map.

Pinpoint the color you are starting with on the map and then imagine the position of the new color you will try to make. Draw an imaginary line (usually slightly curved down) through the two colors. This line will show you what direction to go with the color.

Find a color further along the line to mix with the color you want to move. You may have to play with proportions, but somewhere along the line you will hit the color you are looking for. The color names on my version of the triangle may not be the same names you would use.

Once you see the way the colors flow from the different purples to yellow, you may want to come up with your own names for the colors that fall along each of these paths.