Smashing Color

with Maggie Maggio

Color Name Matching Game

The Name That Color site reminded me of a game I sometimes use in workshops to jumpstart a discussion about naming colors.

Its looks like a quiz so it might trigger some test anxiety. Don’t fret. I included an answer key.

Try to fill in the blanks before looking at the answers. Its not too hard once you get started.

Since there are no universal standards, you don’t have to get too mad at me if my answers are different from yours.


  1. admin

    September 15, 2007 at 10:12 am

    Of course, Illaya. Have fun! When we play in a workshop we also match color swatches to the named colors. Bring along 30-40 paint chips in rainbow colors from around the hue circle making sure to cover all the hues. Number the chips starting with Yellow as #1. Then ask the ladies to start the game by writing down the number that they think matches the color name in the first column the best. This adds color to the game! You will be amazed at where the different answers will be. Maggie

  2. Maggie;

    Love the game. May I use it for a gathering of ladies that stop by an art guild that I belong to. It would be great to see how they all do.

  3. also, colour names are different in different languages and cultures.
    For example, in italian there are different terms for blue (blu) and light blue (azzurro) but there is no name for teal. I’m told that in japanese green and blue are considered shade of the same colour and therefore the same word is used.



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