Pocket Softbox provides you a quick and easy light source for photography or video making. A fun way to explore additive color mixing in light, it can also be used to play with polarization and subtractive mixing using shapes cut out of theater gels or colored cellophane films.

Turn your phone/tablet screen into a colored light source, and use it for your photography or videos in low-light conditions when you can’t bring your heavy equipment with you. The interface is simple and built for speed. Just drag your finger across the screen to change the light color.

Pocket Softbox features two main modes:
RGB colors: all the color spectrum is available, with fully saturated colors near the edge of the screen, and leaning towards white near the center. A tooltip gives you the hex value of the selected color.
Kelvin scale: choose a color from the temperature spectrum, ranging from 1000K to 10000K. A tooltip gives you the approximate Kelvin value of the selected color.

Other functions:
• Color lock: lock the screen to prevent accidental color changes.
• Eye light: change light shape to a circle if you need a round light in your subject’s eyes.
• Save current color as a preset for reusing it in the future.
• 7 color presets already available.
1500K candle light
2700K incandescent lamp 40W
3200K tungsten lamp
4500K fluorescent lamp
5600K daylight
6500K overcast sky
9000K blue sky

Pocket Softbox is developed under the supervision of cinematographer Christian Denslow.



Age 5+