What is Smashing Color?

Learning to see color in a whole new light!

Smashing Color workshops are fun hands-on experiences designed to bring your color knowledge up to date for use in the 21st Century. With the increased use of computers, LEDs and digital technologies, its time to merge the light based and pigment based color systems into one integrated system. 

PPPIII classroom

The Three Meaning of Smashing Color 

Smashing Color = Tearing Color Theory Apart
Update traditional color theory for use in the 21st Century.

Smashing Color  = Mixing Color Systems Together
Mix colors in light, in pigment and in the eye.

Smashing Color = Merging Instinct and Knowledge
Explore personally expressive and effective use of color.


Smashing Color workshops feature the best tools and exercises for learning the basics of working with color in a short amount of time. 

Each workshop is customized to fit your level of experience so that whether you have a small artist's group or a large company gathering, everyone will have fun playing with color!


That's Smashing Color!