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Complementary Inspirations

compspaulkeates.jpgComplementary colors do not have to be exact opposites to add hue contrast to a composition.

This complementary colors exhibition gallery is not that strict about perfect complements. It doesn’t matter whether orange or yellow is the opposite of blue. Color contrast makes this photo a winner. dpchallenge2.jpg

The rules are tougher, and follow traditional color theory, in Flickr’s complementary colors photo collection.

And as you can see from the digital photo challenge – complementary means different things to different people.


Many thanks to all of you who sent in suggestions for Elise’s complementary colorway. The deadline for submitting your ideas is Friday.  _________________________________

I am taking a few weeks off from tutorials so folks can catch up if they want to and I can travel to Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Show. In the meantime I’m planning to post reviews on Mondays going over some of the key concepts we’ve covered up ’til now.

I hope to find lots of photo ops in Tucson. The theme will be complementary colors – my own photo challenge!

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  1. Thanks for the break. Myra and I are going to get together after CHA to have color play day. I am waaaay behind.

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